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22 2014

Clear View of Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower 1

When I was a child, we could see Tokyo Tower from anywhere even from our window. However, in Azabu, the sites with a clear view of it are limited now: for example, from a high-rise condominium, bars and restaurants on the upper floors, elevated spots with sweeping views, and so on.

Among those sites, I like this place, which is unpredictably nice.
I took it in front of the escalator up to the third floor (wine and liquor) section at Nissin World Delicatessen Supermarket near my house. I don’t know why, but I’m often oblivious to the view, and then, I’m a little impressed over again and again.

Because the photo isn’t the greatest, I might fail to express my intention, but for me, this Tokyo Tower’s view in my usual day is far better than the ostentatious view like the photo below.

Tokyo Tower 2
From Mori Tower

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10 2014

It Has Been a While


During the interruption, I got a new position and moved to another room in the same building. Since then, I had had a lot of things to do in my office, so I stopped to update the blog.

I had directed too much attention to my work, and I finally I stressed out over yesterday. Then, I ditch my work and stay today. It's my nature to develop a passion for something, but I think I have to keep in mind that “Too much of a good thing will kill you”.

I find that seasons came and went these months, and the rains have begun in Tokyo.

I didn’t have chance to write about it, but I have took on a new pursuit, Kimono, in the last six months. It's very difficult even for a Japanese to put on a kimono properly, so some people attend a kimono wearing class. In my case, I learned how to wear it from books and someone’s sites on Internet and practiced it with my sister. I hope I continue improving.


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30 2014

World Figure Skating Championships 2014

World figure skating championships 2014_1

The championships have been held in Saitama located in the north next to Tokyo from last Wednesday. The all competitions ended yesterday, and the last event, exhibition, will start in few hours.

I went to the games including Men’s Free, Ladies’ Short & Free and enjoyed the exciting performances!

World figure skating championships 2014_2 World figure skating championships 2014_3

Performances that drew tears from me 泣けた演技
Abbott’ Free
Mao’s Short & Free
Machida’s Short

Skaters I want to reward with a hug ねぎらいたい選手
Tomas Verner
Nathalie PECHALAT / Fabian BOURZAT

Skaters I wanted to be there 参加して欲しかった選手
Meryl DAVIS / Charlie WHITE

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23 2014

Mao Asada Theater

Mao Sochi

A television broadcast covering the opening ceremony of Sochi Olympics ended with Masquerade – Waltz. When I was watching that, I thought it would be her Olympics.

However, I didn't expect that such a magnificent drama unfolded.

I’m only too happy to pay her a heartfelt compliment and honored to be your fan.

I have thousands of thoughts about her and figure skating, and I would like to write about that when I’ll be calmer.

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04 2014

Toi, West Izu-1


I spend couple of days with my best friend and her mother in the west coast of Izu Peninsula during the New Year holidays.

West Izu

As with most Izu areas, hot spring resorts and fishing ports are dotted alongside of the west coast, but unlike the other areas, they aren’t accessible by train. So, except summer vacation season, the west coast facing Suruga Bay is much quieter than the rest of the peninsula.

First, we got to Shuzenji, a historical hot spring resort in the center of the peninsula, by train and stopped by there for lunch.


Shuzenji_2 Shuzenji_3
Shuzenji (Shuzen Temple) 町の名の由来にもなった修善寺
The city owes its name to the temple.


We took a bus from Shuzenji and headed to Toi, the first stage of the trip. The road linking Shuzenji and Toi is really impressive, with nice view of mountains with wasabi (Japanese horseradish) plantations.

Toi, a resort town known for its hot springs and beaches is a gateway to the west coast.


We stayed at a small guest house and enjoyed seafood and homemade dishes.


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01 2014

I Wish You

A Happy New Year 2014

As the new year (year of the Horse) starts, I wish for you, your family, and your companies happiness and growth.

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25 2013

Japan Figure Skating Championships 2013

Japan Figure Skating Championships 2013 _2

My main interest in the Christmas season is Japan Figure Skating Championships commonly known as Japanese National.

After 2005/2006 season, the National had been held in distant cities, and finally this year, the championships returned to the Tokyo metropolitan! I went to watch games on the first and last days.

There were lots of things: who would be selected to go to the Olympics, what kind of performance Ando would do, how young skaters would fight, if Mao’s new layout would work or not, and so on.

In the result, except Takahashi’s dramatic ups and downs, the most likely candidates were selected, Ando did what she could do with her utmost effort, and I could enjoy youngsters with a promising future. What are on someone's mind are concerns about Mao’s 3A, more precisely, her obsession with 3A.

I personally think just one 3A for her FP containing difficult elements is enough and she would better concentrate on performing it clean rather than adding another 3A. But, if she wants to conduct 2 3As as the compilation of her skate, what I can do is supporting her decision and rooting for her on the side cheering.

She already tried 3 3As at Vancouver Winter Olympics and knows how hard it is. On that basis, she’s going to try it again, doing the whole program perfectly this time.

She thinks her condition is far better than that in Vancouver year and can do it. However, I'm afraid her back problem throws her plan out of gear. I heard she couldn’t practice enough after Grand Prix Final due to the backache. There might be physical fatigue as a corollary of consecutive games. Anyway, I think her physical condition isn’t better than four years ago. Additionally, in an interview after FS yesterday, she said half of her marker of successful FS performance depends on the success of 2 3A.

This isn't good.

As far as I concern, when people who tend to believes only what one wants to, like Mao, are in a deep trough physically and mentally, one more and more tends to hang on something that one clings to. Once one is in that state, and then nothing goes right.

She thought she avoids second 3A before the FS, but she said she conducted it because she couldn’t do the first 3A clean. Her decision ended up missing the combination jump of 3A-2T and the other one, 3F-2L-2L, in the second-half. Don’t you recall what was happen in Vancouver? Her anguished face when she saw the score…. I felt that was the sign she is struggling and with clinging on something. That worries me because I saw that face four years ago.

However, unlike four years ago in which she was a minority of one, the grounded coach, Mr. Sato is on her side this time, and she’s totally a different skater growing up in these years. I believe she can handle a situation calmly. Whatever jumps she’ll conduct, I hope she’ll be under no illusions in Sochi.

Happy Holidays!

Japan Figure Skating Championships 2013 _1

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