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19 2010

A Toast to My Friend

my friend

Yesterday was the first anniversary of my friend's death.
Some people visited her parent’s house, but I couldn’t. So, I asked one of them to offer the wine and cheese before the tablet of the deceased.

I’d like you to share my reminiscences for a while.

She was one of classmates, and after graduation we became close to each other.
Especially, we spent much time together through our twenties.

Both of us loved foreign literature. While her favorite was Russian and German, my favorite was French. We recommended novels each other, so she read Stendhal, Camus and Sagan and I read Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky and Chekhov.

We often visited each other's home, went hang out with, saw many movies together and went skiing.

In mid-twenties, we stayed in Paris together. We borrowed an apartment, walked the streets, cooked for ourselves and traveled on a train around Europe.

At that time, I couldn’t think of that she would seriously struggle with an eating disorder, depression and alcohol dependence in the next few years.

She went through difficult days, and it took effort for me to help her.
I took her to an emergency department in middle of night. I visited hospitals and clinics with her until she found a psychiatrist that she could trust.

After a long fight, when she was getting better, she developed stomach cancer.

Now, I want her to do anything she wants up there.
Eat and drink as much as you want!


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