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16 2010

Unattended Birth

I met an irresponsible and reckless man at a reception the other day.

I sat at the same table with him by chance and heard his story that he delivered his second (or third) baby alone at home. I mean he played the role of doctor or midwife. He attended delivery once before then when his wife had first baby at home with the assistance of midwives.

What was worse was that his wife DID NOT go to an antenatal clinic and have a prenatal checkup during pregnancy. Thus, the couple never knew if it was a normal pregnancy or she could deliver vaginally.

You hardly need explanations about how their behavior was stupid and risky.
It was just luck that his wife and the baby didn’t lose their lives.

However, the irredeemable idiot was proud of it and said his wife delivered in full conformity with nature.

I was struck speechless in the middle of the story and even stopped using listening sounds.

Famous people who delivered at home appeare in women's magazines, and the media says more women want to do so. It can be imagined that it includes easily swayed people who think it’s fashionable and trendy.

Without concern for motive, based on common sense, home births should be conducted under certain conditions: a healthy pregnant woman who is going to have a normal delivery can do it assisted by midwives that collaborate with a doctor and hospital.

Japanese Midwives’ Association puts the warning statement for unattended birth on its website because it would be life-threatening for both the mother and baby.
Though there aren’t many, some recklessly try it.



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