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12 2010

Children’s Kabuki

Kodomo Kabuki1

For several years, Ogano Kodomo Kabuki (小鹿野子供歌舞伎, a children kabuki troupe in Ogano Town, Saitama Prefecture) performs at a shrine which our neighborhood association (町内会) belongs to.

Kodomo Kabuki2
The Prologue of the Play

Ogano Kabuki with a history of over 200 years is performed by local people! Now the town has several separate groups comprising men, women, high-school students and children.

I go to the shrine with children’s mikoshi (神輿: portable shrine) and float (山車) to receive a Shinto prayer on the first day of the festival every year. However, I’ve never watched the whole act because I always stay there only for ten minutes or so.

Kodomo Kabuki4 Kodomo Kabuki3

In addition to Kodomo Kabuki, Shinto music and dance numbers are performed at the shrine, but I cannot attend them because the schedules coincide with other festival events.
What a pity.


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