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03 2010

Heaven and Hell

heaven and hell1

I was in Nagoya city (名古屋: the center of Japan's third largest metropolitan region located on the Pacific coast between Tokyo and Osaka) for a workshop of a study group from Wednesday.

The workshop did a lot of good for my study, but it was a little bit hard for me to be stuck inside a room from morning till night with other researchers (naturally, we had lunch and dinner together).
The opening picture, which looks like Impressionistic painting, is a garden of a college where the workshop was held, and though it was beautiful place, the picture belongs to the part of hell in this post.

heaven and hell3 heaven and hell2

I wanted to enjoy local specialties, but “fried shrimp hot dog” I had on Shinkansen bullet train on my way back was only Nagoya-style food. (Deep fried shrimps are synonymous with Nagoya.)

Sharp-eyed readers might wonder why I took Kodama (こだま: the slowest train stops at all stations).

I stopped at Atami (the detailed information will appear on the previous post).
My purpose in the visiting was soaking in a hot spring bath at Fukushima-ya (福島屋, a bathhouse formerly run as a inn).

heaven and hell4

heaven and hell6 heaven and hell5

The bathing facilities are old and decrepit, but it belongs to the part of heaven.
The hot spring water was super-duper.

I dropped in at the regular sushi spot in Atami.

heaven and hell7
Yes. I can sit at the sushi bar alone….

I felt restorative!


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