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31 2010

The End of Summer

sparkling firework1

It’s called senkou-hanabi (線香花火, sparkling fireworks).
The small toy fireworks literally mean incense fireworks because they look like Japanese style incense sticks.

My friend gave them to me and suggested that I use that in my blog article more than a month ago, but I wasn’t in no mood for sparkling fireworks because the hot humid weather continued.

I think the sparking firework with transient beauty is a match for the end-of-summer evening.

It's (murderously) hot during the day, but I feel the end of summer approaches.
It’s cooler in the late evening than it was last week, and I didn’t turn on the air conditioner at night during the past 3 days.

So, I set off and shot the fireworks yesterday. Without a tripod and cable release, the photos are not so good.

According to a fireworks wholesaler’ HP, the state of the firework, from firing to finish, is divided into four phases, and each phase has a charming name.

First phase (the left picture)
Botan (牡丹, a tree peony flower) A small fireball grows.

Second phase (the picture above)
Matsuba (松葉, pine needles) The fireball sparks.

Third phase (the center picture)
Yanagi(柳, a willow branch) The sparks abate.

Fourth phase (the right picture)
Chiri-giku (散り菊, a falling chrysanthemum flower) It’s just before the end of it.

sparkling firework4 sparkling firework3 sparkling firework2


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