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29 2010

A Small Inn with Great Hot Spring

a small inn1

I stayed at minshuku (民宿, a private home that provides room and board) in Ohiradai (大平台温泉), one of hot spring resorts in Hakone, last week.

Ohiradai hot spring resort is relatively new among the others in Hakone; the village first struck hot spring water in 1949. Some residents opened inns constructed by refurbishing their houses after that, so most of accommodations in the resort are relatively small.

The minshuku, Sanraku-sou (山楽荘) provides great hot spring water that is not circulated, so we can enjoy the hot spring in its most essential, natural form.

It can accommodate 5 groups per day, but my party (my friend and I) was the only one at that day. So, we had hot tabs all to ourselves!

a small inn2 a small inn4

Now, I’m facing the consequences of this little escape.
After returning from Hakone, I'm working 12 hours a day, of course, through the weekend.


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