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27 2010

A Little Escape from the Heat

Hakone (箱根) is located just 100 kilometers from Tokyo. It’s part of the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park and famous for outdoor activities, natural beauty and the view of nearby Mt. Fuji. Above all, Hakone is a historical hot springs resort area in Japan, and many unique resorts are dotted in the mountains.

a little escape

In the middle of this week, I spent the day relaxing at the mountain hideout in Hakone.

The hot spring the inn has is one of long-established springs in Hakone. The inn was independently-operated for hot spring cure, and now, a company manages it as day use bathing facilities without regard to commercial concerns.

There is nothing except the hot spring and greeneries: no TV, no restaurant, no refreshment stand and no spa treatment. The inn is a gem of Hakone where just only people who love and calmly enjoy the hot spring water should go. (Sorry, I refrain from using the name and place of the inn and giving its information because the company preserving the treasured hot spring doesn’t want publicity for it.)

It was hotter than last year in the midst of the mountains, but still, the daytime temperature was 25-27 degrees Celsius (77-81 Fahrenheit).

I enjoyed soaking in a nice bath and taking a nap in the fresh air.
I wish I could stay there all summer.


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