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21 2010

Summer Festival in Azabu-juban

juban festival1

From August 20th to the 22nd, Azabu-juban shoutengai(麻布十番商店街), a nearby shop street, is holding a summer festival in which hundreds of yatai (屋台: food stalls) stand. It’s one of the biggest food festivals in Tokyo.

The festival is held in the third weekend of August every year.
When I was a child, it was one of the summer events I was looking forward to and, at the same time, alerted me to finish my homework during the summer vacation.

juban festival2
These girls are just like Kinakinw at that age.

After Azabu-juban has become more convenient for visitors with the opening of new subway lines, the shop street are too crowded to enjoy the festival. Especially, after 6 p.m. it’s impossible to walk through the street.
Thus I always visit there early in the evening, move among the food stalls, buy several types of food, and have them for dinner.

juban festival5 juban festival6
Okonomi-yaki (お好み焼き: a pancake with bits of meat and chopped cabbages )

juban festival7
Tako-yaki yatai(たこ焼き屋台: a octopus dumpling stall)

juban festival8 juban festival9
Choco-banana (チョコバナナ: chocolate covered bananas) and Yakisoba (焼きそば: pan-fried noodles)

juban festival3
Boys, you never win a game console!
This is a (crooked) lottery PTA doesn’t like, but children learn the world from the stall keeper.

juban festival4
Kingyo-sukui (金魚すくい: goldfish scooping)

juban festival10
Yeah, Mr. Destroyer!
He is on cordial terms with an owner of a building in Azabu-juban and a familiar person in this neighborhood. Good to see you!


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