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16 2010

Nob Hill

I visited the northwestern area of the city this afternoon.

Nob Hill1

This area is called Nob Hill, an exclusive residential district with many old Victorian houses. It’s turned into a shopping district over the past dozen years or so. (There is a town with the same name in San Francisco.)

Nob Hill2 Nob Hill3

Nob Hill4 Nob Hill5

I had a lunch at a restaurant in the area.
I recognized at a glance that it’s a good restaurant, and I was right.

Nob Hill6

Nob Hill7 Nob Hill8
The restaurant is run by Laurelwood Brewing Co., so I had to drink their beer!

Nob Hill9


When I returned to the downtown, I came across an India festival held in the town’s square.

Nob Hill10

Well, I bought this dress today.

Nob Hill11

I think it’s cute.
However, it frequently happens that even if I think so in the States, I would lack the opportunity to wear it in Tokyo….

I’ll head back to Japan tomorrow!


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