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13 2010

Pleasurable Staying

I’m staying here to attend a conference (not on a sightseeing trip), but I’m having a jolly good time!

It's great to be here in the heart of downtown, though there was an option for staying at a hotel near the venue just off the town.

Yesterday, I prepared my presentation for the whole morning, left the hotel to have an early lunch and came across a farmers market held in a park behind the hotel.

pleasurable staying1

pleasurable staying2
These fruits and vegetables are all organic.

I’m a lover of vegetables who gets into high spirits just by watching them.

pleasurable staying3

pleasurable staying4

Then, in fine spirits, I visited a Japanese Bento (弁当: a boxed lunch) Cafe; listed on a guidebook. According to the cafe's HP, all Bentos are prepared using mainly natural and organic ingredients from local farmers.

pleasurable staying5
They were perfect!

The summer art festival is taking place in the city, and one of the event sites is next to the hotel.

pleasurable staying6
A band began to play in the early evening.

pleasurable staying7

pleasurable staying8

Look at a bunch of happy faces!

Watching them was enough to make me happy.


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