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12 2010

Maintaining Bodily Functions

I arrived in a west coast city.
It was cool and sprinkled a little bit.

I’m staying at a so-called boutique hotel that is stylish and comfortable.
Above all, the hotel staffs are personable and solicitous. I can stay here without anxiety.

the first day1

the first day2

the first day3

When I checked into the hotel in down town I felt sick and run to a bathroom, but after lying awake in bed for a while, I recovered and was getting hungry.
So, I walked out on the streets to look for a restaurant.
The rain had stopped and the sun was out.

the first day4

the first day5
Many people were listening to the band playing in a square.

the first day6
Someone was dancing.

the first day7

the first day8

When I go abroad on business alone, I normally eat East Asian food on the first day because I think it’s effective in keeping up a good condition.

the first day9
I found some Chinese restaurants and made a mistake in selecting.

After returning to the hotel, I took a nap.
I couldn’t do anything yesterday because I was in the fog of a jet-lagged mind.

the first day10
I had dinner at a Japanese restaurant near the hotel.

the first day11
Udon (うどん: noodles made of wheat flour) was acceptable level.

It's 8 a.m. local time, and I feel full of health.
I've got to get moving.


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