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22 2010

Yunishigawa Hot Spring -2-

The village is located deep in the mountains, but there are over 30 accommodations including large modern inns, traditional Japanese inns and small guesthouses. All accommodation owners connecting by blood or marriage have a united effort to develop the tourist industry.

In this established hot spring resort I stayed at a relatively large four-star class inn, which is inexpensive on weekdays. Overall, I was greatly pleased with it.

Hot Spring Inn, Hana to Hana (花と華: Flowers & Flowers), Yunishigawa

Room: I chose a standard room (an anteroom, an eight-mat room, a sitting area, a washroom, a bathroom, and a toilet) with a good view of the mountain stream. A building wasn’t new, but the room was clean and in good condition.


Bathing areas: There were 3 common areas (24 hours main one, the outdoor hot tub along the mountain stream, and the other spacious one). A chartered bathroom was also available. I think the benefit of large inns is enriching of bathing areas. On the negative side, many of those filter and circulate the water for their hot spring baths including the inn, and at worst I confuse hot spring water with tap water. However, in Hana to Hana hot spring water quality in some of bath tabs was good enough.


Dinner: I enjoyed the local specialty, “Okariba-yaki (in-the-field dish for hunting parties)”. Guests sit by Japanese fireplace, “irori” and grill stream fishes and vegetables on charcoal by themselves. Local sake was nice!


Amenities: Café, Bar/Lounge, Noodle place, Banquet halls, and Paid Internet at lobby

Type of hot spring water: Alkaline simple hot spring, clear water, and a faint smell of sulfur

I’m a hot spring enthusiast and fond of the drink and dining. A Japanese hot-spring inn is an ideal place to enjoy them at a time!

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