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31 2010

Best Wishes for the Hot Season

Hot humid weather continues in Tokyo.
I hope you are all well.


Shochuu-mimai (暑中見舞い) is a postcard for a summer greeting sent from the end of the rainy season until the beginning of fall (立秋) according to the calendar. The cards often have a picture of a scenery and thing of summer, and some make a recipient find pleasant cooling sensation.

I received this handwritten post card yesterday from my aunt who is teaching Japanese-style painting.

These days fewer people are exchanging Shochuu-mimai, and I haven’t sent it during the past decade. However, I revalue the meaning of it because I feel summer in Japan is really life threatening now. In Japanese, "Shochuu (暑中)" refers to “during the summer heat”, and “mimai (見舞い)” means “visitation” or “a get-well card.” That shows people tended to be ill because of the summer heat as of old. In recent years, we must look after our bodies seriously.

By the way, I realized something with Shochuu-mimai as a start, and I want to detail about that in the next post.


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