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29 2010

Kyoto -Bar-

Kinakinw, visiting Kyoto annually, can’t follow bar trend.
I surfed the net and picked a bar, K-ya (K家).
It was the right choice!



The authentic bar with great machiya (町屋: traditional wooden townhouse in Kyoto) interior and design is stylish and receives media exposure, but the greatest value of it is Mr. Junichi Kurono (黒野純一), an owner bartender.


The movements of the skillful and orthodox bartender were so graceful and eye-filling.

The backbar was a spectacular view.
The bar has a wide range of single malts. The picture above shows only half of the shelf.

After drinking Tanqueray and soda, I had glasses of red wine. I was a great fool who ordered them from the ace bartender. (My friend ordered honey-covered Mascarpone…. I had to drink wine.)

I’m going to stop for a drink at Mr. Kurono’s place again and have cocktails when I visit Kyoto.


Bar K-ya (K家)
Telephone: 075-241-0489
Address: 105 Yaoya-cho, Gokomachi-nishiiru, Rokkaku-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto


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