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27 2010

Kyoto -Kawayuka-

Kinakinw is never too busy to stop in Kyoto.

I went to Osaka to see an event that would help with job at my own expense. The event finished at noon. I righteously joined my friend at Osaka station, and we took a train for Kyoto.


For me, “Kawayuka (川床: dining decks built above rivers)” is one of the things I'm looking forward to in summer. Many restaurants open decks overlooking a river from May to September. While the decks along Kamo River (鴨川) in downtown Kyoto are called “Kawayuka (川床)”, those in Kibune (貴船) and Takao (高雄), rural districts of Kyoto City, are called “Kawadoko.”


I dined at a Japanese restaurant, “Sakura (櫻)” in Kiyamachi (木屋町), west bank of Kamo River between Shijo (fourth) Street and Sanjo (third) Street. An acquaintance took me this restaurant last summer, and I thought it was great spot for dining because of a great view, delicious dishes and kind hospitality of the staffs. One of other reasons was that the restaurant didn’t cram too many people in the Kawayuka space. I don’t want to dine on Kawayuka decks packed with people.

Kawayuka3 Kawayuka4
Yuba (湯葉: tofu skin) A soup dish of hamo (鱧: Muraenesox cinereus)

Broiled young sweetfish with salt and Mizugai (水貝: abalone sashimi serve in a glass with cold water and colorful cut vegetables)
It was the real joy of Japanese food. This plate looked refreshingly cool.

Kawayuka6 Kawayuka7
Sashimi Hamo Shabu-shabu (a Japanese variant of hot pot)


The sun was setting while we were enjoying the meals.

Hello again! Kinakinw getting pleasantly buzzed and my friend (with short hair)

Sakura (京・鴨川 懐石 櫻)
Telephone: 075-231-1616
Course menu only
Lunch: 11:30 -14:00, from \2,500 (25$)
Dinner: 17:30 - 22:00, from \6,000 (60$)
HP (in Japanese):
※ You'd better make a reservation ahead of time. Kawayuka dining is really popular.

Kawayuka Sakura Map


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