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23 2010

Summer Evening in Ginza and Shinbashi

I was asked to lead college students and walk around Ginza (銀座: a shopping and entertainment town) and Shinbashi (新橋: a town located south of Ginza).

I conducted the after-school program this evening.
The urban environment is in some way related to my research theme. I explained to them several sections of the towns distinguished by some identity or character. In the case of Ginza, the sections are characterized by type of stores, eating and drinking establishments, and business. It’s interesting to examine sections and their boundaries.

Namiki Street in Ginza

Shinbashi has the common touch.

After the stroll, we shared a snack on a professor who sent the students at a top-floor restaurant in a hotel.

Ginza Shinbashi

I chose the restaurant NOT because I wanted to have drinks while looking at the beautiful night view.
Viewing the towns from above is a part of study of town observation.


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