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21 2010

The Advent of Summer

The rainy season was over, and the wind bells (風鈴, Furin or Fuurin) marked the beginning of summer in my neighborhood.

Edo fuurin

For several years, these wind-chimes made of glass are set up around the entrance of a temple nearby at this time of year.

As an aside, a chief priest of the temple is a friend from childhood. Oh…. Though a former chief priest, his father, passed away young, my classmate in elementary school is old enough to be a chief priest!

This type of wind bell is called Edo Furin (江戸風鈴).
Japanese glass-working was developed in Ngasaki which was the only city to maintain international trade throughout Japan's period of isolation. The glass-making technique was introduced into the Edo town (old Tokyo) in the mid Edo period (1603-1868), and then by the end of it, the glass wind-bells became popular among common people.
(I think these in the picture aren't made by Japanese glassworker, though.)

Their refreshingly cool sounds are still heard at corner of the modern Edo. However, it has been difficult that we feel coolness only by the wind-bells.

Daily Maximum Temperatures in Tokyo
7/19: 34.5 degrees Celsius (94 Fahrenheit), 7/20: 34.5 (94), 7/21: 36 (96.8)
Just for information, today's maximum temperature in Bali is 27 (80.6).


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