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16 2010

Twinkling Chandeliers

Where do you head to when you need a chandelier?
I’m lucky enough that there are three chandelier shops within walking distance of my home in Azabu.

I'm just joking. I don’t have any room in which I can hang a brilliant chandelier from the ceiling.


There used to be an authentic Chinese restaurant where this new chandelier shop stands. It was a pity that the restaurant, serving good “tantan-men (担担麺, hot sesame noodles), closed. However, I got it into my head that a new restaurant would open and was looking forward to it.

Then I passed by that place the other day and found out the third chandelier shop opened.

I was a little disappointed about the shop because, firstly, it wasn’t a restaurant. Secondly, items besides chandeliers, for example, imported furniture and interior goods, were neither sophisticated nor stylish for me. The items in the shop reminded me of an air of vulgar prosperity that was a style of a decade ago.

But I take a passing interest in chandeliers it offers.
Unlike the other two shops that select only fancy chandeliers, it has a wide range of them from European luxury brands to reasonable items.
I didn’t know that I could buy a well-looking chandelier, to my untrained eye, for 30,000yen ($300) or less.
Though I'm not thinking about getting one, I’m going to the shop and check out them in the course of time.


This is just an aside. Chandeliers are displayed under normal fluorescent lamps in the shop.


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