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11 2010

A Toast to 13 Years

I went to a restaurant with my soccer-watching friends yesterday, and we raised a toast to the Japanese national soccer team.

a toast

In 1997, we had a dinner to celebrate the team’s win in the final Asian qualifiers for the World Cup in France. We had not got together on the theme of soccer since then.
It seems like only yesterday that we had the dinner, but it was thirteen years ago.

Each member had changes in life during that period.
One of them switched companies. He had an elementary school boy and kindergarten girl. Now his son is a college student, and his daughter is in high school.
One of the others is a mother of a seven-year old son. Her son who joins a soccer team watches this World Cup games intently. She said that he knows more about players than she does.
The other started a vast range of activities besides working.

Come to think of it, it's been a long thirteen years. There have been many ups and downs. I’ve been stuck in the similar job but broke into a new business field nine years ago, and I work in a very different setting.
I couldn’t imagine my present self in 1997.

How did your life go during the past thirteen years?


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