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09 2010

Far Past Critical Period

Originally, the word “critical period (臨界期)” was used in Ethology, study of animal behavior, in 1960’s. It means the period when imprinting is observed in certain species, for example young birds. Typical form of imprinting is that newly hatched chicks follow the moving object they see first.

The concept of the critical period was applied to the human (first) language acquisition. You may think of second language acquisition when you hear the word. Some people casually refer to the period like this: unless one learns foreign language before 9 years old, one never speaks it fluently. However, it seems that critical period effects in second language learning is less widely accepted in linguistics.

My coworkers and I jestingly say that computer programming might involve a critical period. We hypothesize that if you don’t start to produce a program before 25, you never write a smart one. The concept of the period could be extended to the programming because one writes the command in ‘computer language'. (Only joking....)

critical period
I’m writing the program by trial and error in front of the screen.

The past few weeks, I’ve been dealing with producing a program that I’m going to use sometime after the autumn. I made a simple program few years ago, but I’m a complete beginner.

Eventually, I finished the basic parts yesterday, and at the same time, I found a major defect in it.
Oh my goodness!
My burden is far from over.

I usually love to learn new things, and I hope the programming will bring me much joy though I’m well past the critical period.


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