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06 2010

Kinakinw on Ice

Today, I ice-skated after a long, long interval.

on ice
Nice to meet you. This is Kinakinw.

When I first looked over an ice rink, in the early afternoon on a weekday, I faltered because all I saw were skilled skaters who were training.
Then, I felt insecure about my ability to skate.

It’s considered that the human memory can be classified into two categories. One is declarative memory consisting of semantic (meanings) and episodic (times, places) memory, and the other is procedural memory.
The procedural memory is sort of like riding a bicycle. If you forget a meaning of a foreign word you rarely use, you never forget once you know how to ride it.

Skating is also thought typical procedural memory.
I proved that.

There were more recreational skaters over time, so my sister and I practiced spins and skating backwards discreetly in a corner of the rink.

I lost my edge but enjoyed few hours on the ice among future Mao and Daisuke.
I have half a mind to take skating classes to improve skills.


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