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30 2010

It's Been Delightful

Japanese team lost in penalty kicks, and then my pulse-pounding World Cup was over.
I’m going to sit back and enjoy the remaining games.

This Japanese national team was indeed fun to watch.
I think the players also enjoyed the hard battles.

Our boys did not challenge their opposing teams but played the games. They experienced countless games since they were children. Though the World Cup was a special competition, I felt the matches in South Africa were an extension of their usual ones.

It was important that we knew our team was capable of advancing to the second round. As Okada (Japan's coach) said, if individual techniques weren’t better than rivals, we could compete.

We have to go to the next step.
I hope if our team will win over any team in a match of the future World Cup, no one would call it “a stunning upset".
Thanks boys!
Thanks Okada!


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