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22 2010

Atami -4- Herb and Rose Garden

We would find several similar tourist spots in hot spring resorts all over Japan. Typical examples are museums of glass art, orgel and trick art. The museums in the same category often have similar exhibition contents that aren’t related to a town and its culture. I bet that in any glass art museum, you’ll see similar René Lalique and Émile Gallé. I avoid visiting these spots.

A Harb garden in a tourist destination is another example of the cookie-cutter facility. However, I like this one, and it was a second visit


Akao Herb and Rose Garden
The garden is on a slope of a mountain about 2 km south of downtown Atami, and the whole site covers an area of 700.000? (173 acres, 211,700坪).
Visitors catch a shuttle bus to the top of the site and then walk down the slope while enjoying twelve different gardens.

The building is called Rose House that offers a tearoom with a view of the sea.


Roses are blooming between May and June.

This is why I like this place.
What a view!
If weather permits, we can see the city center beyond Atami Castle.

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