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23 2014

Despairingly Magnificent Prospect


At the date of 23rd of September at 2pm, I’m writing this with half an eye on CNN world news, the air strike on ISIS in Syria by the U.S. and "partner nation forces".

I passed through near the disputed region of Mideast on my flight from Doha to Belgrade last month. The landscapes of this area were nothing short of eye-opening in a good way and a bad way. That was a tremendous view of bare hillside and bare field for miles and miles. It seemed that there was nothing to cure our mind and body.


I selected a left-side window seat, so the northern part of Iraq ,where the U.S. was carrying out a raid at that time, should be beyond the horizon. I deeply accepted the situation of the follower of Yazidi who were forced to flee to the non-viable mountains . And Syria was further ahead of that.


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