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29 2014

My Loved One

One day last week, I stayed up late watching videos on YouTube after I got into bed.
Some Japanese over fourth may know him or, at least, be familiar with the tune that was sung by a pop idol under different title.

He is Yoshitaka Minami, a charismatic songwriter and singer, who released his debut album named “the heroine of skyscrapers (translated by Kinakinw)” in 1973. I got its CD in later years and was surprised at how cool it was. His works are absolute gems, especially up to the early 80’s. He belongs to the genre of Adult Contemporary. Concurrently with Michael Franks, Bobby Caldwell, and Boz Scaggs, standard-bearers of Japanese AC including Yoshitaka were popular.
南佳孝。今でも私は愛を込めて佳孝と呼ぶ、メロディメーカー&シンガーです。1973年に伝説のアルバム、“摩天楼のヒロイン”でデビューしました。後年CDを聴いてそのおしゃれさに驚きました。彼の音楽は珠玉の作品だらけ。特に80年代前半までの作品は素晴らしい。ジャンルとしてはAOR(日本限定の呼び名で、英語ではAdult Contemporary)。マイケル・フランクス、ボビー・コールドウェル、ボズ・スキャッグスといった面子が活躍していたちょうどその頃、日本でも南佳孝をはじめとした大人サウンドが流行っていたのです。

Yoshitaka Minami album

I wasn’t interested in some his hit songs at the time, but I started to listen to his music because of his second album I got from an older acquaintance. Shortly after that, I met him at an art gallery in Aoyama, when I just became a high school student.

He was so sophisticated, mature, and cool that he just blew me away, and I instantly fell for him. I can still see the scene. I, a corny no-name teenager, stood rooted to the spot and felt certain that he was the one for me. Of course I haven’t had a chance to meet him again until now, and the encounter is a pleasant memory.

I didn’t see his image in those days for a long time. I don’t know when the performance was filmed, but the musician who is young in the now in the video is perfect picture of Yoshitaka at that time.

I’m going to spend this summer with his bossa nova & samba cover album, “Blue Nude”, that I thoroughly recommend.
2002年のカバーアルバム“Blue Nude”を引っ張り出し、今年の夏はごきげんな彼のボサとサンバと一緒に過ごそうと思います。

Without Yoshitaka, I kind of think you're missing out.

Yoshitaka Minami
Recent Portrait 近影

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Yoshitaka Minami iTunes

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