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10 2014

It Has Been a While


During the interruption, I got a new position and moved to another room in the same building. Since then, I had had a lot of things to do in my office, so I stopped to update the blog.

I had directed too much attention to my work, and I finally I stressed out over yesterday. Then, I ditch my work and stay today. It's my nature to develop a passion for something, but I think I have to keep in mind that “Too much of a good thing will kill you”.

I find that seasons came and went these months, and the rains have begun in Tokyo.

I didn’t have chance to write about it, but I have took on a new pursuit, Kimono, in the last six months. It's very difficult even for a Japanese to put on a kimono properly, so some people attend a kimono wearing class. In my case, I learned how to wear it from books and someone’s sites on Internet and practiced it with my sister. I hope I continue improving.


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