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08 2013

Hot Spring Bath Floating in the Sea

Ajiro Izu-Taga1

I made an overnight trip to Ajiro with the other day.

My friend and I took a bullet train from Tokyo and got together with the other friend from Osaka at Atami Station. Then, we headed to a famous soba noodle shop named Taga in Izu-Taga.

Ajiro Izu-taga2
The wooden building of the shop was made in the end of the Edo period (about 150 years ago).

Ajiro Izu-taga3

Ajiro Izu-taga4 Ajiro Izu-taga5

Ajiro Izu-taga6

Enjoying the lovely garden, we had lunch. When you visit there, don’t forget to order Japanese omelette!

I decided to stay at a hot spring inn and seafood restaurant, Hirazuru, in Ajiro. This is my third visit to the seafront inn: I had lunch at the restaurant at the first time and just used bathing facilities at the second time. Through the experiences, I knew the inn serves delicious seafood (it’s run by a marine product processing company) and has a very nice hot spring.

Ajiro Izu-taga9

Ajiro Izu-taga7 Ajiro Izu-taga8

In Japanese inn, the price of accommodation usually includes dinner and breakfast (one night and two meals per day), and I chose the reasonable set meal, and it was adequate in terms of both quantity and quality.

The other attraction of the inn was the view from the outside bathtub that was just like floating in the sea!

Ajiro and Izu-Taga are small hot-spring resorts located in Izu Peninsula. It’s about a 10-to-20 minute drive away (also, a few-minute train ride) from Atami that is a vast hot-spring resort with many large luxurious hotels and the gateway to East coast of the peninsula. The short drive changes many things. If you prefer resorts with laid-back atmosphere and want to enjoy fresh local seafood with reasonable price, why don’t you take a road trip to these towns?

Ajiro Izu-Taga

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