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20 2013

Late in the Fall

Jiro Kaki

The other day, I got the persimmon fruit (it’s called Kaki in Japan) grown in my relatives’ garden.

I eat the fruit every year when it comes into season from the middle of October, but I haven't eaten home-grown one for a long time. To tell the truth, as compared to one grown in the orchards, the Jiro Kaki the photo was less than sweet and delicious for me though I felt nostalgic. I believe they would taste sweet to tongue of people in the olden days.

There was the tree in our garden before the former house was rebuilt. It was a different kind of one that had sour persimmon, so my grandmother made Hoshigaki (dried persimmons) when she felt up to it. I wondered at the fact that it tasted sweet after drying when I was a child.

In the meantime, while I stay busy with work and watching the figure skating competitions, it’s almost December, and it's getting cold in Tokyo.

Be careful not to catch a cold!

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