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25 2010

Have you ever been to Tokyo Tower?


This great landmark functions as an antenna tower for radio and TV broadcasts from 1958. However, surrounded with high-rise buildings, it has become difficult for the 333-meter tower to broadcast stably. A new 634-meter antenna tower named Tokyo Sky Tree is now under construction in Sumida Ward, which will appear in 2012.

I have an attachment to Tokyo Tower.
I could see it from my house when I was a little child. My parent used to say, “Stop crying! Otherwise Tokyo Tower would be covered in a cloud.” They told me that the words worked because I loved to see it. When I was in an elementary school, I used to go to the tower with my friends. At that time, elementary school children could go up to Main Observatory (the lower one) for free if we took the stairs. Furthermore, we got a notebook and pencil in appreciation for going up the stairs!

Some people proudly say, “I live in Tokyo many years, but I’ve never been to Tokyo Tower.” Their syllogism goes something like this: All visitors to the spot are hicks; I am not a visitor of the spot; I am not a hick.
Well, Major premise of the syllogism is false. They probably don’t know that many Tokyo people actually visit to the spot. Tokyo is a wide place.


Landscape with the tower is closely connected with local people's everyday life. We hope that our beloved tower will remain the national landmark after retiring from its job as the antenna tower.


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