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06 2013

Cousin Meeting in Takayu Hot Spring Resort in Fukushima

Takayu 2013_1

We, my four cousins, my sister and I, hold a once-yearly meeting. Actually, we just enjoy hot spring baths, dinners and sightseeing on our trip.

This year, we went on an overnight trip to Takayu hot spring resort in Fukushima.
We got together at Fukushima Station at lunchtime and headed to a famous soba noodle place named Oyama-Kadoya in the foot of Mount Shinobu that rises 275 meters from the surrounding flat Fukushima Basin.

Oyama-Kadoya has several restaurants for purposes. We select a casual one named Yukko where we can sit by the fireside and have dishes including noodles.

Takayu 2013_3 Takayu 2013_4

Takayu 2013_2
The restaurant is famous for dishes using yuzu (species of aromatic Asiatic citron). Before the Great East Japan Earthquake, they used locally grown yuzus, but now they order them from western Japan because some people don’t want to eat local ones even if its amount of radioactive substance is below a predetermined threshold.

We looked across the sweep of the Fukushima city from a viewing platform in Mount Shinobu.

Takayu 2013_5

Takayu 2013_6
In the parking lot we met a friendly cat who spotted and followed us. It rested at ease for a while at the platform with us.

Following my visit to Takayu last year, it was second time for me to go there.
Discovered 400 years ago, Takayu hot spring resort located 750 – 800 meters above sea level is one of celebrated spas in Tohoku. It’s relatively small resorts dotted with a little more than 10 inns, and you can enjoy abundant amounts of fresh milky white water having a sulfurous odor in all those inns.

Takayu 2013_7 Takayu 2013_8

The Japanese Inn, Azuma-ya, at which we stayed has a 400-year-old history back to the Edo period. While there are 10 rooms, there are 8 hot spring baths (3 for male, 3 for female, and 2 reserved ones). The outside bath with a view appears in the opening photo is situated in the woods, which is just 3 minute walk from the main building.

Takayu 2013_9

Takayu 2013_10

On the way to the outside bath, there is a cottage where the guests can stop by freely. The furniture and furnishing goods make us feel the inn’s history.

Takayu 2013_11 Takayu 2013_12

Takayu 2013_16

Takayu 2013_14 Takayu 2013_15

Takayu 2013_13

On the next day, we drove along a famous sightseeing road, Bandai-Azuma Skyline, through the mountains. It was a toll road before the earthquake, but now it’s for on a permanent basis. When you visit Fukushima area, we must run through it and enjoy marvelous prospects.

Takayu 2013_17

Takayu 2013_18

Takayu 2013_19

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