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22 2013

Monaco, the Town of Set Decoration


No one can tell all about a town only with few hours of stay. But, if you have traveled from place to place for many years, sometimes, you might feel if you get along well with a town or not at once. I knew by that intuition I had little reasons to like the small country of 2,020,000 square meters.

Firstly, the country gave me a cooped-up feeling. The relatively-new tall buildings were concentrated, and the streets were all narrow. High-rise luxury apartments were being built here and there. The apartments were built on the roads, I mean, on a tunnel roofs (those apartments might be cheaper than the others). Additionally, the port was jammed with boats.

Secondly, things demonstrating Monaco-style gorgeous cast a chill over me. For example, I found it pathetic and sad that the scene of fancy cars in front of Casino, tourists cluster around the cars, and the nasty-nice door men of Casino looking the people dryly.


“Gorgeous” was stereotypical and bling-bling style of incomers. It seemed to me that some people swarming around Monaco are more likely to embody typical celebrity-like life to flash around than those who living the other high status housing villages. For them, visitors looking on them with envy are another important merit to live there in addition to a tax break. So, “Gorgeous” must be easy-to-follow: common luxury cars, brands, social lives, and social eminences.

Actually, I expected that “gorgeous” and thought I could enjoy the absurdity of it. However, in reality, I couldn’t do that by the thought of that Monaco that was on the threshold of bankruptcy has been increasingly prosperous by both sides of people.

Anyway, we came back to Monaco from Roquebrune only to go to the open-air summer concert at the main courtyard of the Palace by Orchestre Philharmonique de Monte-Carlo. Though the palace was compact and looked like a museum or college library, the concert was pretty nice. I enjoyed not only music but also observing people.


Monaco4 Monaco5
Getting disappointed with the town, I didn’t take many pictures. Sorry for the all out of focus ones.

I was planning to catch a No. 100’s night bus for the return trip. The staff at the tourist office we stopped by in the morning said it was available on Sunday, but it wasn’t. We were told that from a driver of Monaco bus when we waiting at the bus stop. He suggested us to get a train, but I knew it was already late for the last one. We couldn’t be helped so, after having drinks at a café in front of the bus stop, we asked a waiter to call a taxi.

Bad luck often brings good luck.
Fortunately for us, the good quality female taxi driver saved our night. She drove her car, in which classical music was played, in a gentle manner, and we enjoyed night views along the cost in nice and cozy space on the way our hotel.

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