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15 2013

Concert at Berliner Dom

Berliner Dom1

To be honest, I wanted to go to a classical concert like Berlin Philharmonic that was in the off-season at that time. I couldn’t find any notable one during our stay, so I had an eye on a pipe organ concert held at Berlin Cathedral near the hotel though I wasn’t one for pipe organ music (I went to a pipe organ concert in my childhood and was bored to death).

I didn’t buy tickets on line in advance in consideration for the case something would prevent us from going to it. Instead, we stopped by the cathedral during daytime of the concert day and got them at the ticket counter (I think the tickets can hardly be all sold out). Well, considering an entrance fee was 5 euros, the ticket price, 10 euros was tolerable.

Berliner Dom2

Berliner Dom3

All seats were unreserved, so we followed presumed local repeaters and grabbed chairs in opposite end of the organ. For me, time that elapses before the concert was the main event for enjoying the atmosphere of the cathedral in a sense.

I realized that no matter how the venue was traditional, the organ was valuable, and the player was great, I just couldn’t fond of that sound. After listening it for 40 minutes, we applauded two times for the second time and left the cathedral inconspicuously.

Berliner Dom4

When we waited for a bus on the way back, there was the sound of a roar from the roof of a building across the street.

Berliner Dom5

Berliner Dom6

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