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11 2013

This or That in Burning Berlin Vol. 1


The visiting Berlin wasn’t my choice. I mean, a conference I attend annually was held in the German city this year. So, until I opened a guidebook, I had very limited knowledge of the city: the dismembered city, the enclave of West Germany, Berlin Wall and so on.

Much the same was true on summer temperatures in Berlin. I expected it should be cool in the city that was located on the same latitude as Wakkanai (a city in the northern part of Japan), but actually, it was very, very hot though it was low humidity. The sun was so strong, and the feels like temperature was more than 35 (95 degrees F) in a sunny place.

Putting that aside, I liked the city that stays organized. Curious to say, I could learn my way around town easily in Berlin: U-Bahn, S-Bahn and the bus routes are reasonable. Additionally, it was helpful that many people were honest and steady and speak English.

I made use of the free time and did sightseeing.

Lodging 宿泊


Berlin1_3 Berlin1_4

Westin Grand was just a little way from the venue and conveniently situated for tourists. Though a station of U-Bahn was also in front of the hotel, we mainly take buses running throughout the city. Because of the strong Euro, we avoided over-priced coffee at the hotel and made use of a kiosk at the station as a take-out coffee shop (:D).


The City, Under Construction どこもかしこも工事中


Berlin1_7 Berlin1_8

U-Bahn and buildings…. After 23 years from German reunification, all I saw in Berlin were still under constructions.

Walking in Former East Berlin 旧東ベルリン散歩

Berlin Wall ベルリンの壁


Berlin1_10 Berlin1_11

We visited the East Side Gallery, an international memorial for freedom. The point where I realized the true nature of the wall wasn’t there. It was the abandoned walls on the way to the airport on the day of our departure, but I couldn’t take a picture. In contrast to this sightseeing spot, even now I could observe the differences in streetscape across the decayed walls.

Hackesher Markt ハッケシャー・マルクト駅


Feeling thirsty, we burst into a café under the elevated of Hackesher Markt station. I enjoyed first German beer listening to the lady singing.



Urban Redevelopment Project 再開発プロジェクト


We took a walk around Mitte area from Hackesher Markt station. The apartment buildings connected by courtyards and corridors in former East Berlin were used as a shopping town. A lot of budding designers set shops on the first floors of the buildings. While the products might not be highbrow fashion, the place was enjoyable to walking through.

Berlin1_17 Berlin1_18




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