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14 2013

Storing Pearls

Storing Pearls

I got some more pearl items and wear them almost every day, and it was inconvenient to store them in a jewelry case for each item that I got when I bought it because I had to open multiple cases to choose one I ware. So, I thought about how to storing the items in the right and functional way.

There are various web pages that give you cautions for storing peals, so I don’t go into details of them. In summary, pearls should be kept clean and stored in the dark in good hygrothermal condition separately from other jewelry.

At first, I was thinking to buy a jewelry box for keeping the items together in one place, and then I came up with the idea to use a box of paulownia wood. The wood controlling humidity has been used for making drawers down the ages in Japan, and naturally, it was ideal for storing pearls.

The opening photo shows the box and some of the items. I put each one in an airtight plastic bag along with a piece of humidity control sheet developed by Pearl Science Laboratory in Japan. I also keep pearl care products (polishing cloth and cleaning cloth) in the box so that I can wipe them when I take them off. It’s a quite nice system!

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