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25 2013

Firefly Watching

Chinzan-so 1

I went to Chinzan-so in Mejiro (Toshima Ward) last weekend to have dinner with relatives. Chinzan-so (literally means Camellia Mountain Lodge) called a real urban oasis is a complex consisting of wedding facilities, a hotel & spa, and twelve restaurants famous for its historic Japanese garden of approximately 17 acres.

Chinzan-so 6
According to its HP, the hill where it’s located was originally called Tsubaki-yama (mountain of camellias) because of its picturesque vistas of blossoming camellias. Chinzan-so itself has a long history. In 1878, Mr. Aritomo Yamagata (the former Prime Minister of Japan) bought the land to build his home and garden, and named it Chinzan-so.

The complex has been holding buffet dinner called “Firefly Night” at this time of the year since the 1960s. The dinner start at 19:00, and after that customers walk across the garden and enjoy watching fireflies. In past days, Chinzan-so released fireflies they had caught (they were exposed to criticism, of course) in the garden, but in recent years, they raise the insects on site.

Chinzan-so 3
Though I’m less fond of buffet, because I was there, I made good cheer at the all-you-can-eat-and-drink dinner. Including this largest banquet room, the same style buffets were hold in 3 rooms at the time.

Chinzan-so 4 Chinzan-so 5
Left: Firefly biotope space Right: The garden full of people
左:蛍育成舎 右:人でいっぱいの庭園(私は既にほろ酔いで、人垣をかき分けで水辺を覗く気力がありませんでした)

The firefly watching at Chinzan-so is very famous and I had always known it, but it was the first time to visit there during the event. This time I stood in for one of my aunt’s family who had an emergency and couldn’t come. Most of the customers were families of parents and children. They seemed to love the event and look forward to it every year. Personally, I recommend to you to have dinner at one of restaurants in the garden (there are nice Japanese restaurants with the quite nice garden view) or just visit the garden pen to the public on weekdays during the event.

Chinzan-so 2

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