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26 2013

Nanduti - Ñanduti

Nanduti 1

Do you know “Nanduti”?
Well, I'm also totally new to the craftwork.

It’s exquisite lacemaking, from Paraguay, made from cotton or other fine vegetable fibers. The word Naduti means spiderweb in Guarani. Online dictionaries and web sites concerning lacemaking say about it in many ways: it’s introduced into Paraguay by the Spaniards, a comparable lace is made on the island of Tenerife and known under various names, and making of the lace is a tradition begun by Paraguay's Guarani. So, I’m interpreting it’s the fruit of invasion called the Age of Discovery.

Nanduti 2

Nanduti 3
I hope it can show how delicate and intricate it is.

I saw it first time at Munn, a café I wrote about last but one where some pieces of the work were displayed and also for sale. I was surprised the fine, intricate lace and became captivated by them. Unfortunately, however, except simple and small ones, delicate intricately patterned pieces were not for sale. The difference between poor and elaborated ones was clear even to my untrained eye, so after I saw fine ones, I wasn’t disinclined to have a simple one.

I asked the café staff why don’t you sell fine ones, and the staff said that they are too valuable to sell and also expensive. The white one in the picture (about 18-by-12 cm) costs tens of thousands of yen.

Nanduti 4

I looked the things up on the Internet and found there are lessons for the lace in Tokyo. I think considerable skill is required to make a good one, but some Japanese women with fast hands may be able to do it.

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