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18 2013

The Departure and the Arrival

Munni 1

It was a balmy afternoon so typical of May.
I went to a café and restaurant named Munni for lunch with sister. A tenant of the space where it’s located often changes, so from my perspective the café opened before I knew it.

It is hard to describe what kind of café it is. From the signs and menus in the doorway, it seemed to be an American-type waffle and hamburger place, and actually they serve American-type food. However, from their HP, their concepts are “the source of good health and good appetite” and “tea” (so it doesn’t serve have coffee).

Munni 2 Munni 3

I felt the space was minimally renovated after a previous restaurant closed. The interior, decoration, furniture, plates and utensils were quite incongruous. It looked like the owner was in hurry when open the restaurant and collected items in a few days.

Anyway, their hamburger was fairly good, and the staff was friendly and kind.

Munni 4
Lovely staff said that to express their love for the customers, their buns are in the shape of a heart.

Amishiro park
The café is in front of a children’s park called Amishiro Park I often visited in my childhood.

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