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25 2013

Personally, it was not so bad

Carmen 1

The opening photo is a scene from an opera film I watched the other day.
Can you tell the title of the opera?
It’s a famous one everyone knows.

OK. It’s not your fault if you cannot see.
The second cue is the picture below. The same prima donna, Anna Caterina Antonacci, appeared in the same one by a different director. These aren’t from the same scene, but there are the same characters.

Carmen 2

Good job! It’s Carmen.

The film shows Carmen performed at Opéra Bastille last December, conducted by Philippe Jordan, music director of the Opéra national de Paris, directed by Yves Beaunesne. It’s the second one of eight films screened sequentially which shows operas and ballets performed the Opéra national de Paris in the 2012-2013 season.
この映画は、昨年12月にパリ国立オペラによりバスティーユのオペラ座で公演されたカルメンを撮影したものです。指揮は同オペラ・バレエ団の音楽監督フィリップ・ジョルダン、演出はイヴ・ボーネン。「パリ・オペラ座へようこそ ライブ・ビューイング 2012‐2013」と題された昨シーズンの同団のオペラとバレエの舞台を収録した8本の映画の中の2作目です。

The popular French opera performed for the first time in a decade at the theater, and it seemed to confound the prediction of fans, at leasst a casual opera fan like me.

If you want to watch the film without previous knowledge, then please read no more.

I thought this callenging Carmen was just like transfered the action to 1970’s.
I’m going to point out unusual things in this Carmen randomly. As you know from the opening photo, Carmen was blonde and appeared as tough Marilyn. Escamillo reminded me of Elvis in his late life. Roma girls dressed in flover children fashion. Roma boys were in Saturday night fever suits. A drag queen and a Crazy Horse dancer were in Pastia’s tavern.

Carmen 3

Personally, however, I enjoyed that. The blonde Carmen seemed to be a forethoughtful person (I thought the diva enjoyed the peculiar character) and went well together with Don José who was depicted as a simple-headed mama's boy rather than a man who loved someone to distraction. Though the Don José strangled the blonde with a bridal dress he brought (! ) because he’s a poor knife-wielder, it was “Carnem”. The story, music, arias, and dancing were enjoyable. I’m not sure if it was thank to the power of the music, composer, singers, or director, the Carmen was entertaining.

Carmen 4

The film will hit screens countrywide from next June, so check it if you are interested. Oh, this 195-minute film was shown without a break, but there were backstage interviews between Act 2 and 3, which was suitable for a bathroom break.

Few hours age, I came across the picture from Carmen performed by Opéra de Lyon in June 2012. Words fail me, but have a feeling that we can’t watch “standard” one in Carmen’s home country for a while.

Carmen 5

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