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04 2013

Stingy Habit

haneda lounge

Which kind of airport lounge do you use?
Kinakinw who is neither a first or business class traveler nor a premium frequent flyer of a specific airline usually stop at one run by credit-card companies or affiliated with them for free before fright. It is an ancillary service of a gold credit card I have.

I don’t remember when and why I upgraded the card. Since I’m not interested in the honor to be a premium card holder, I once thought of the downgrading it to an inexpensive a normal one, but I held back that. Judging calmly, I felt I got my money's worth from the annual membership. There were two main benefits: (1) it includes overseas traveler's insurance that I bought each time, and (2) I could exclusive access to the airport lounges (limited to domestic airports). Adversely, there were only these benefits for me….

Now that wi-fi services are becoming more widespread, so the lounges have less advantage as internet access spots. However, it’s still nice to take a breather and check mails in a relaxed way especially at the airport when I arrived home.

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