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24 2013

Go-to Guy

go-to guy

For many years I’ve had the owner of shop in late 50s mend most shoes I have except sneakers or walking shoes. Though two chain repair shops (one is a quick service chain, and the other is a specialty shop chain) opened in Azabu-juban these several years, his business seems to be going smoothly.

Well, it should be because probably I’m not the only one who came to the conclusion that Shu & Shoe Co. (S&S) is the best after using the others.

Firstly, basic services (e.g. heel tip replacement, sole refurbishment, etc.) of S&S are very, very good, quick and fairly valued. Even for a heel tip, its material is one of keys to comfortable walking, and the owner always choses superbly nice one. In contrast, the quick chain has limited inferior material, and the work is also inferior to S&S (to the chain’s credit, it’s convenient when we have a trouble on the go). The work of the specialty shop is good, but it takes more time and money. I had to wait for heel tip replacement for more than 3 days and paid nearly double that of S&S.

Secondly, S&S can give a quick response to a repair not listed in a manual at a reasonable price. There are various designs in lady’s shoes, so a lot of irregular fixing works are needed: sometimes, ornamental belts break off or jute material of wedge heel detaches itself. From my experience, the chains’ “experts for hire” tend to avoid doing these. I don’t know if they cannot do it, think of how to do it or just cannot because there isn’t such a fixing item on their point of sale system.

Independently-operated shoe repair shops like S&S are gradually disappear in Japan. I wish the “experts” will gain enough experience and open an own shop as a go-to guy in the future.

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