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13 2010

Home, Sweet Home

Wow! I got out of Florida.

drive to the airport

It was a nice and cozy drive to the airport.

the airport FL

I like this airport. It’s clean, spacious and not crowded.
I’m not going to participate in the conference from next year, so I won't get here for years, maybe never again.

nice cloudy day

I arrived in Houston.
It was a nice cloudy day! I got fed up with sunshine….

beautiful sky color

Shortly after sunset, the sky was really beautiful yesterday.
I was waiting for a free shuttle bus to “a budget hotel” here…nearly an hour and a half.
I refrain from telling you about the chain of incidents, which increased the waiting time. (When I return to Japan, I want to blog about that.)

Anyway, I’m going to get on the flight home within 10 hours!


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