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03 2013

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While I had left the blog, Christmas, New Year's and January passed, and we are already in the month of February.

I’ll finish the account of travel in Katsunuma, my last article, but for now, I’d like to introduce things that happened in the discontinuation period at a dash to catch up with the present day.

The Trip to Hakodate 函館旅行

I went to the port town in the northern island, Hokkaido, in mid-December for my work. I was a first-timer and visited many tourist spots in my free time. The opening photo was taken in Red Brick Warehouse, an atmospheric shopping, dining and entertainment complex.

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The night view from Mount Hakodate: 函館山からの夜景
It’s included among Japan's three best night views alongside the views from Nagasaki's Mount Inasa and Kobe's Mount Rokko.

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Fort Goryokaku : 五稜郭
A star shaped, Western style citadel built in the last years of the Edo Period for the defense of Hakodate against the imperialist threat posed by the Western powers.

End-of-year Parties 忘年会あれこれ

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The Travel during the New Year Holidays お正月旅行

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I spent this past New Years with my best friend and her mother as usual. We got off on the brilliantly sunny morning of New Year's Day and headed to Shimoda, a port town located at the southern tip of the Izu peninsula about 60 miles (97 km) southwest of Tokyo. Then, we took the local bus to Cape Irou-zaki on southernmost edge.

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That night, we stayed at a family-run small inn near Yumigahama Beach located between Shimoda and Irou-zaki where we can enjoy fresh seafood and hot spring.

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We strolled around Shimoda next day. The city has historical importance as the landing place of several of Commodore Perry's "black ships" in 1854. Historical buildings along canals are kept (the area is called “Perry Road”), and the streets made me feel like I were in L'isle sur la sorgue.

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We stayed at a hotel complex that was packed with families in Ito on the second day.

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Visit to Chinatown in Yokohama 中華街訪問

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I visited there to have dinner with my cousins. The Chinatown features many popular restaurants. This small restaurant named Kaiin-kaku is one of them.

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The Indulgence of Figure Skating Events フィギュア三昧の週末

Last weekend, the U.S. Championships and the ISU European Figure Skating Championships took place, and figure skating fans in Japan were fully occupied following live programs (yes, we could watch live coverage of single competitions of the two events in Japan, although we couldn’t watch those of our Nationals live!).

In addition to that, I attended figure skating competitions that were held in Yoyogi, Tokyo as a part of the National Athletics Meet. This year, many famous skaters were participated in the events: Nobunari Oda, Kento Nakamura, Akio Sasaki, Akiko Suzuki, Haruka Imai, and Fumie Suguri.
それに加えて、今年は東京で開催される国体のフィギュアの部の試合を代々木で観戦しました。今回は織田伸成、中村健人、佐々木 彰生、鈴木明子、今井遥、村主章枝などの有名選手が出場しました。

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The National Athletics Meet in Tokyo is called “Sports Festival in Tokyo 2013”, and the venue was in a festive atmosphere. The character of Oystercatche called Yurito is a mascot of the festival.

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