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25 2012

My Busy Life as a Figure Skating Fan

One day in the fall1

Basically, I have a busy work schedule at this time of year. At the same time, since a series of six events in the Grand Prix of Figure Skating has started last month, I was on a hectic schedule because I devoted every weekend to watching the events. The last game, the NHK Trophy, ended few hours ago, and until The Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final, which will be held a couple of weeks later, I can get a break. Though I’m laughed at by my friend (she says “Why are you so busy? You aren’t the one who’s participates in the game), this time of year is like a series of festivals for the fans.

One day in the fall2

Even so, I relaxed once in a while.
One day in the fall, I knocked off early and headed to a movie theater that is presenting “Woody Allen: A Documentary”, a documentary movie on Woody Allen that trails him on his movie sets and follows him back to Brooklyn as he visits his childhood haunts. On the way, I was struck with the beauty of the ginkgo trees’ colored leaves. I walked through the tree-lined street almost daily, though.

Streets are enveloped in a Christmas mood.

One day in the fall3

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