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27 2012

An Apartment in Paris


It's been weeks since I last wrote. I’m fine but have been very busy during week days. In addition, the Grand Prix of Figure Skating, a series of six events, started, so, I’m also busy watching the matches in weekends. 

Anyway, I conclude the series of my travelogue style post. After leaving Provence, we spent few days in Paris, and then we flew back home.

Because of nostalgia, I visited an apartment I lived in many years ago. The bridge in the opening photo is Pont du Garigliano, the last bridge in western Paris, that links 15th to 16th arrondissement. I resided in near it. I used to describe the neighborhood as “the edge of Paris”. Even in 16th arrondissement known for high-class residential area, the vicinity was a community-oriented neighborhood and comfortable place to live.

Pont Garigliano that was like arterial road lacked a flavor of Paris compared to the neighbor bridge, so when I walked down 15th arrondissement, I crossed a neighbor one, Pont Mirabeau. However, I liked this view form under it.

The building I lived in is in one of these.


An old Spanish couple kept up the building, and the elderly wife who saw mails form me put my first name on the nameplate of doorbell.

The street and buildings were exactly the same as before. That’s Paris.

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