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12 2010

The Curse of Blue Torii

fried sushi

This is the last night in Florida.
I planed to have a light late evening meal and bought a sushi roll, edamame and salad to go at Club Sushi (see the last post: the sushi restaurant with a weird Torii).

A sharp-eyed person would wonder where is a sushi roll.
The deep-fried food in the picture IS THE SUSHI ROLL named “Club Sushi Roll”.

I only read the first line of description at the menu and assumed it was Philadelphia roll. I was watching a Mexican guy amateurishly making that at the sushi bar during waiting. When he brought my Philadelphia roll (Yeah, it was until that time) to the kitchen, I wondered why. When he returned with the deep-fried food, I grabbed the menu, read the second line and found words: roll in breadcrumbs and deep-fry until golden brown.

How did it taste?

I removed all deep fry batter and ate warm sushi.

Is a deep-fried sushi roll common in the US?


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