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27 2012

The Château des Baux

Les Baux2_1

Going up the main street, the château came in sight. It was a highlight of sightseeing in Les Baux.

Les Baux2_2

Les Baux2_3

Les Baux2_4 Les Baux2_5
The Entrance of the château

After coming out of the entrance building, the wide open space spread out before us.

Les Baux2_6

Les Baux2_7

Les Baux2_8

Visitors are offered a free audio-guide providing commentary on the history of the château and more specific information about the Lords of Baux in 10 languages including Japanese. We walked around while listening to the information.

Les Baux2_9

From 10th to 15th century, the château called a shelter in an impregnable had been occupied by “des Baux”, one of the major Provençal families that had many surrounding towns and villages under control. After the Baux era, it was destroyed during the Renaissance, so now we can see only parts of castle and defensive walls there.

Les Baux2_10
Many people lived inside the château, and the picture above shows the remains of their homes.

Les Baux2_11 Les Baux2_12

Visitors could go up the remaining buildings and walls. We chose one and took the rough stairs, and our efforts were well rewarded!

Les Baux2_13

Les Baux2_14

Les Baux2_15

Les Baux2_16
Prisoners were thrown off the terrace. Oh, Noooo….

It was a fortress that attacked many times, and three events that tell us how old-time soldiers fought a battle have been held from April to September. We saw two of them.

Les Baux2_17

Les Baux2_18 Les Baux2_19
Catapult Shooting

Les Baux2_20

Les Baux2_21 Les Baux2_22
The Medieval Duel

Les Baux2_23

Les Baux2_24

Les Baux2_25

Les Baux2_26

The summer grass- It is all that's left of ancient warriors dreams.
by poet MATSUO Basho

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