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26 2012

Not Very Excited Festival

juban festival 2012_1

Summer festival in Azabu-juban is being held (for 2 days, from yesterday) after 2 years. It was canceled last year because of the unreliable electricity affected by Great East Japan Earthquake. However, the contents have changed markedly as before.

First, the festival period has been shortened from three days to two. Second, an international food festival is cancelled because of a park to have it is under construction now. Well, there are just minor ones.

The biggest change is that the festival drives “tekiya”, professional street stalls selling food and goods at festivals and such events. A copious amount of those concentrating food stalls was its greatest appeal. This year, owner of stores and local commerce and industry associations run stalls, and regrettably, they can’t replace the professionals.

juban festival 2012_5 juban festival 2012_4

juban festival 2012_3 juban festival 2012_2

Stalls are limited in number and types. From my impression, there is one-fifth of the usual number. Most of grilled foods are fried noodles or char-grilled something because these are limited menu that amateurs can cook. Even so, they can’t deliver food with rapidity. There is only one goldfish scooping stall run by tropical fish shop in the shop street, and it’s also the only one entertainment stall and so on.

juban festival 2012_6

The festival used to be like this (the previous post about it).

To be brief, the festival changes from a summer spectacle to a common local event like a school festival. But, it may have a good side. I sincerely hope this reduces the number of visitors. There were too many people (total of 500,000 people for 3 days) including those come from a long distance, and it’s been no longer our festival for years. If this style festival will last few years and my prayer will be heard, I wish the organization would call back tekiya again.

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