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22 2012

How Do You Replace a Watch Battery?

Replace a Watch Battery

I have been using this wristwatch for years. It isn’t expensive, but I like it. Personally, I think it’s the only stylish and worth buying one among all those released by that brand.

Though its battery hadn’t run out, it was time to replace it. So, this afternoon, I headed to a local clock shop near my office that a reliable old man ran and found he got out of business last May. It wasn’t surprising that the heirless private shop closed its doors, but I deeply regretted it. Over the last decade, I had taken mine to the seasoned watch maker. There are specialized repair shops, but it takes days. A private shop that can do it on the same day is valuable.

Since I’m going to take an overseas trip at the beginning of next week, I wanted get done with it sooner. Then, I remembered another private clock shop that, I’ve heard, has an old specialist too. However, actually, it once had the one. Now his son (about 60) and grandson (about 30) have taken over the business. When I went to the shop, there were only the grandson and a woman that I believed to be his mother there. I stood irresolute for a moment, but I thought the specialist would take care of it later (I didn’t know the grandfather, the specialist, has already retired at the time) and handed my watch to them.

Contrary to my expectations, the mother asked me to wait for a while on the spot, and the helpless grandson started work under the supervision of the mom. Five minutes passed. Ten minutes passed. After another ten minutes when I was in deep remorse, the mother said, "Shall we keep this for couple of hours?” After few hours, I picked up it from a man that I believed to be the specialist’s son.

My watch seems to be all right, but I swear to myself not to take the risk again.

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