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16 2012

The Blue-skied August 15

August 15_1
It has been 67 years since then.

The opening picture shows a view of Tokyo from the top of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office Building. There are 2 observation rooms (south and north towers), and anyone can ascend by the elevator for free. Even though it was completed in 1991, I had never gone to the room until yesterday.

August 15_2 August 15_3

I just got side-tracked there, and my destination was Driver and Vehicle Licensing Centre in the building where I renewed my driver's license.

I’m always careful about renewing it because of ID photo that is taken on site. However, at just about anytime I look bad in it. Even so, I have to use the license on which that photo appears for 5 years. I really did my best to get a better photo this time: I wore makeup that made me rosy, worked on my hairstyle for a while, and clothed myself in white bottoms that reflect a flashlight well onto my face.

August 15_4 August 15_5

As a result, I could manage to get a reasonable one!

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